what is this?

It’s a magazine in which the content is generated by 500 selected accounts active all over the world.

The relevant voices, the influential buzz, the best ideas, projects, images and thoughts.

For the first time altogether: for you to enjoy and interact.

It’s an experiment on how the “magazine” in the age of social media could work.

This is version 0.7, on-line since June 8th, 2017.

how does it work

Our editorial team spent several weeks working on our final list. From 5000 interesting and very interesting accounts, we chose the best 500 (not an easy task, surely we made some mistakes). We organized an informal network of correspondents, in order to have a broad list to work on. Mostly, we worked on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook accounts were used in very special cases.

Once we had our 500 relevant accounts, we organized them into categories:

Every time you open the magazine, you will see two “main” areas.

We could go on explaining a lot of other things and details, but finally, the best way to understand how the whole thing works, is to dive into it.

Franca Sozzani was included in 500nomore to honor her memory.

who we are

500 no more is a project developed by Buzzdector and IdLab.

The former provided the software and technological infrastructure.

The latter provided the editorial staff, visuals and some other cute things.

If you like our selections, we are happy: please, spread the link around!

If you don’t like whom we chose or how we organized the whole thing, finally you can blame @stefi_idlab.

If you have comments / ideas / proposals, email us at: .

If we forgot someone / something very important, please let us know!

when it started

The first release of 500 no more was completed for Milan Design Week 2017.

This is version 0.8, now we’re working hard on the next release!

Keep tuned: more will follow!